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About Take and Eat, Inc.

In 2003 the Rev. Mr. Francis J. Ryan, Ed.D. and his wife Kathleen founded Take and Eat, Inc. to empower faith based organizations to supplement the government funded weekday meals on wheels program.

Their first meals were prepared and delivered to 80 elders on Easter Sunday in 2003.  Since that time Take and Eat has enabled  3,000+  volunteers to serve over 3,000 clients in the preparation and delivery of over 600,000 meals through 2019. 50,000 meals were distributed in 2019 alone.

About the people we train:

The congregations trained by Take and Eat so far have been Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist,  Congregational,  and Knights of Columbus.  We look forward to working with other faith communities as well.

About the people we serve:

To qualify for meals-on-wheels a person must be over 60 years of age and have a chronic physical disability such that the person cannot leave home to shop and cannot prepare meals to meet daily nutritional needs.  The majority of recipients are women. All recipients are chronically disabled.   Many recipients live at or below the poverty line.    Our client base grows each year.

At present our major source of funding comes from the Annual Catholic Appeal of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, MA and is also funded in part by the organizations listed on the bottom of this page.


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Join us every month with an automatic $10.00 donation to assist in feeding five free hot meals a month.

Take and Eat, Inc. also provides the opportunity for donations through PayPal.  Donation options appearing below include:

A $100.00 annual donation which would provide assistance for 50 hot, home delivered meals throughout the year

A $50.00 one time donation which would provide assistance for 25 hot, home delivered meals

A $20.00 one time donation which would provide assistnce for 10 hot, home delivered meals

A $10.00 monthly donation which would provide assistance for 5 hot, home delivered meals each month

All donations are tax-deductible.