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Take and Eat trains volunteers to create a stable sustainable meal program in their community.  We provide training, education, and a proven set of policies and procedures that enable our partner organizations to prepare and deliver nutrious and satisfying meals.

Your donation to Take and Eat will allow us to expand on our successful mission by strengthening existing programs and supporting the creation of Take and Eat programs in new faith communities.

It costs a social service agency $7.00 to produce one meal.  Our Volunteer Organizations trained by Take and Eat produce hot meals for  an average of $2.00 for an elder homebound person. 

A direct donation of $10 per month to a pantry will support the preparation of 20 meals per year.  A donation of Ten dollars a month to Take and Eat will help us to recruit, train and empower volunteers to prepare 60 meals per year for the same total cost.

We share some of the responses received from these appreciative homebound elders:

"It's so nice to know how many people are with us at this time of our lives (I'm 84) and care so much for us."

"It's a wonderful thing you are doing. The meals have been great.  The people doing the meals must be so dedicated. Thanks again."

"I wish to thank you very much for the was very good and very nice of the people who prepare it...I am 88 years old and in this weather I do not feel much like cooking so I really appreciate it and the driver who delivers it."

"Ever our gratitude and prayerful hope that you will be blessed along with all those who labor and give help to the hungry around the world...A big thank you for a most wholesome dinner.  Sure helps with the budget problem. Thank you."

"It is very kind of you to do this...I am legally blind and can no longer cook...everything is very good and very much appreciated."